Posted on: November 23, 2008 3:30 pm

AP top 25 outlook

AP Top 25 1. Alabama (63): just needs to prepare, and take care of business. They honestly look like they have fallen somewhat. 2. Florida (2): my number 1A team right now, they essentially had a week off. 3. Oklahoma: my 1B, they looked unstoppable in Norman. Key words: in Norman. OSU will be a tough road test, then hopefully Mizzou. 4. Texas: Prove that you should be ahead of Oklahoma, and utterly destroy A&M like you're supposed to. 130-14 should do it. 5. USC: Doesn't even control their own destiny, but could be in the NCG if the cards burn right. 6. Penn State: Rose Bowl bound, but I don't think that 3OSU would be a worthy test. Excuse me, *retest*. 7. Texas Tech: Sorry, but the Guns Broke. Now go annihilate Baylor and watch Bedlam. Gorram, they could still win the South! 8. Utah: CONRATULATIONS! You did it! Now just wait and see what the hell is going to happen to the rest of the CFB world. 9. Boise State: Left out unless Oregon takes the Civil War, and 3OSU's Rose berth with it. 10. Ohio State: Nambypambies. Sorry, I had to say it sometime. Have fun not being in the Rose Bowl. 11. Oklahoma State: watch out, they've played spoiler before and are looking to do it again. See OU 2001, 2002. 12. Missouri: totally forgotten team that could win the Big 12. Doubt it though. 13. Georgia: Another forgotten team, that will settle for the Cotton or less. 14. TCU : Simply a boost for OU's computer rating at this point. 15. Ball State: Sorry guys, you picked a bad year to strike in. Great job, and you'll get a boost for a while. 16. Cincinnati: Go Bearcats go! Make the BCS (and help OU) for the first time, always something to cheer for. 17. Oregon State: Only one more war to fight: the Civil War. Which will be totally uncivil, and probably won by the Beavers for the Rose. 18. Georgia Tech: Umm, go ACC? Atlantic Chaos Cabal? Sure why not. 19. Oregon: 3OSU has too much on the line to drop this one. 20T.Boston College: who even cares right now? 20T.Brigham Young: Max Hall might be a good NFL QB, but nothing much to show for this team. 22. Michigan State: still can be proud of Javon Ringer, but just couldn't step up to the next level. 23. Florida State: please can you guys take put the Gators? PLEASE? We're all against the BCS here, come on. 24. Northwestern: The upstarts of the Big 10, but next year will show how much they got out of this great season. Good luck! 25. Ole Miss: Please can you play Alabama that way next year? And just carry on with the Florida and LSU plans.

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Posted on: November 17, 2008 1:40 am

It really took this long?

Syracuse saw the light. I think just about EVERYONE saw this coming...your ideas for replacements?

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Posted on: November 10, 2008 2:04 pm

How the Sooners get to the title game

OK, here we have essentially a 3 (yes three) horse race to the BCS title game - Bama and Florida from the S'more Ecstacy Conference, and the BIG 12 South. OK it's a 5 horse race (OU, UT, TTech). Here's how it falls at the moment 1. Bama 2. Texas Tech 3. Texas 4. Florida 5. Oklahoma UT plays a very down Arkansas team coming off a good stretch, but handily takes them out. OK let's fast forward to the SEC and get them out of the way. So Bama and Florida need to play in the SEC title game that was locked in this Saturday, and that takes one out. Let's say Florida wins in a close one, OT for instance. They rocket to the top, but take a hit in the polls just a tad for not being quite so dominant as we thought. Tech plays @ Oklahoma next Saturday, of course the Sooners win (this is MY scenario). Texas beats the Kansas Jayhawks in a close one. That moves both the computers and human polls to Oklahoma's favor, and also creates a 3 way tie in the South. Here we are 1. Florida 2. Texas 3. Oklahoma 4. Bama (out) 5. Texas Tech (out) OK, now OU plays at Oklahoma State, and clobbers them. No letting off the gas here Bob, we need style points. Meanwhile UT takes on aTm who generally is beaten by Oklahoma teams by about 28, so figures for Texas too. This does diddly squat for the longhorns, who have lost their spotlight, especially after the voters have seen a&m get killed on many occasions this year. Winning on the road against a top 10 team gives the Sooners just the boost needed to leap the 'horns in the BCS. The BCS is naturally the Big 12's chosen tiebreaker for this 3-way, and Oklahoma would prevail and go on to face Mizzou in the CCG. 1. Florida (lock) 2. Oklahoma 3. Texas Oklahoma defeated Missouri twice last year, and does so again in a similar fashion to the other teams that have done so this year. Therefore OU comes out number two, and plays the Gators in the title game. See you at the big one, Tebow! OK, so what if the BCS is gay and doesn't give the Sooners the nod? All we need is for this aching Texas crew to drop the CCG to a revitalized Missouri and we're in! BOOMER SOONER

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Posted on: November 2, 2008 1:17 am

My top 25

My take: 1. Texas Tech- they are looking really good both on offense and defense, and Pirates are awesome. They deserve it. 2. Bama- I still think the gators will chew them up and spit them out to the tune of 50 points. 3. PSU- Idle. 4a. Oklahoma-Demolished the Huskers, unstoppable Offense needs only a good quarter to win the game. 4b. Florida-holy crap, they're scary good when they're on. 6. Texas- Still a wickedly good team, Kansas is their next threat. 7. OK State- Despite the loss to Texas they still have two top 5 teams to play, and if they win they've got an undeniable case for a BCS berth. In fact, they should just get 3 at-larges from the Big 12 South. 8. TCU- still looking very good, only loss to OU. Remember that voters! They will be in the BCS, or the BCS will explode. Maybe both :D 9. USC- University of Spoiled Children beware, I don't give a %#$@ about you idiots. Hollywood doesn't make you a good team. 10. Georgia- Got their hedges trimmed today, but they'll be back. 11. Boise State- Could it be? TWO mid-majors in the top 10 this year? Hell yes. They don't need trick plays this time, and that should scare anybody. 12. Does it matter? They WILL lose. I'm gonna say Missouri makes it, tOSU doesn't deserve it. 13. tOSU is a fraud, but even so they will tear some people up. 14. Utah- That was a scary win at New Mexico. They can't do that again or they're done for. 15. Ball State- I am pretty much forced to put them here, because everybody else lost. 16. LSU- Huh. I don't care about you either, so geaux away tiger fans. 17. Michigan State- fun to watch, but not so convincing. 18. BYU- Another very close game. MWC is getting better each week at stopping them. 19. Kansas- that's right, Kansas. They're very dangerous, as they showed this week. Until Tech comes to town they'll have been the best team to play in Norman all year. 20. UNC- Well they didn't lose, probably because they didn't play. Everybody else around them did. 21. Maryland- Oh dear God, they're the second most schizophrenic team ever. 22. Cal- Well, they're gonna lose to SC anyway. 23. Florida State- Old man Bowden looks like he's given the race to JoePa. 24. Minnesota- Still the shocker of the season. 25. West Virginia- They beat the old #25, and they were just outside anyway.

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AP top 25

1 Texas-OSU showed how to take them down, much as the Ravens did to the Pats last year. Tech should light them up, but is the D good enough to hold McCoy down? I really hope so, but I have my doubts. It is in Lubbock, so I say Tech by 4, and they jump to #2 2 Alabama-I still think they're gonna lose, but not to Arkansas St. 3 Penn State-JoePa has them primed and ready, will he get media love enough to push the BCS rating over the top? I say yes. 4 Oklahoma-Nebraska shouldn't be too much of a threat, especially in the ridiculous Norman atmosphere. I'll be there! BOOMER SOONER 5 Florida-They lose, they're out. The Dawgs have home field, so I'll give them a very slight edge. 6 Texas Tech-Graham Harrell's most important game ever, he's gonna put up. 7 Southern California-Overrated. All I can say. 8 Georgia-Slight edge over the Gators at home. 9 Oklahoma State-God help Iowa State, cuz nobody on that team can. 10 Utah-Should obliterate New Mexico 11 Boise State-Clear path if Utah stumbles, NMState is not a threat. 12 TCU-A dangerous Rebels team isn't enough to scrae these gys. 13 Ohio State-They're out of it, who cares at this point? Do they even play this week? 14 Missouri-Out of it. 15 LSU-Out. 16 Florida State- Seriously, is this the best the ACC can field? 17 Brigham Young-too late for a resurgence. 18 Ball State-Still going strong, but each week brings a new injury. How long until that QB's gloves slip? 19 Tulsa-Still underrated, but they have a big BCS boost if they beat Arkansas. If not, they drop like a rock. 20 Minnesota-Surprise of the Big 10, from 1 win to 1 loss. I honstly can't call this game against Northwestern. 21 North Carolina-Still kicking, but the ACC tends to suck. 22 Michigan State-Can play spoiler to the Nittany Lions, but that's about it. 23 Oregon-What guy is playing QB now? Is there another Leaf brother out there? 24 South Florida-Already lost to the Thursday Night Curse. 25 Maryland-2nd most schizophrenic team of all time. They will lose again, be sure of it.

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Posted on: October 12, 2008 8:25 pm

My take on the AP Top 25 (for now)

1. Texas (39) 6-0 Very good victory over OU :( but facing three more incredible O teams in a row: Mizzou, OSU, TxTech

 2. Alabama (26) 6-0 Coming off a bye and previously a narrow win, have to see how they do with the meat of the sched coming up

 3. Penn State 7-0 My Big 10 pick, even if they lose to The (other) OSU, they'll still be top 10 material

 4. Oklahoma 5-1 Needs UT to stumble against their horrendous month upcoming, still very dangerous

 5. Florida 5-1 Should be higher, currently the class of the SEC with Bama

 6. USC 4-1 Still over-rated, still has to go through the Pac-10 (sarcasm alert!)

 7. Texas Tech 6-0 Needs a signature win, 3 make or break games coming up

 8. Oklahoma State 6-0 On a HUGE roll; that win just threw them headlong into title contention. Could be undefeated coming into Bedlam

 9. Brigham Young 6-0 If they can get through the TCU game, a clear path to the BCS goes through Utah

10. Georgia 5-1 Takes on the sent-back-to-earth Vandy team at home

11. Missouri 5-1 On the road to Austin this week, Could vault right back up or plummet. Still the North favorites.

12. Ohio State 6-1 Playing second fiddle as long as JoePa keeps winning

13. LSU 4-1 Is the debacle in the swamp a sign, or motivation?

14. Utah 7-0 Read BYU, replace "Utah" with "BYU"

15. Boise State 5-0 Quietly rising up the polls, the last of the already in-position BCS busters

16. Kansas 5-1 Poised to take up top 10 position if they can pull the upsets at Oklahoma and Missouri

17. Virginia Tech 5-1 Nobody really knows what's up in the ACC right now...

18. North Carolina 5-1 ""

19. South Florida 5-1 Big east leaders, still must deal with a dangerous Cincinnati team and inconsistent Pitt

20. Michigan State 6-1 Darkhorse Spartans are riding Javon Ringer into conference play

21. Wake Forest 4-1 See 18

22. Vanderbilt 5-1 Either upset the Dawgs at home, or go home unranked and still shy of 6 wins

23. Pittsburgh 4-1 Could take control of the Big Easy (typo intended) in the next 3 weeks

24. Ball State 7-0 They're on a tear through the MAC, with not too much to worry about

25. California 4-1 What? Where'd they come from?

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the BCS is officially @&%$ed...again

OK, look at the unbeaten teams in college football. Any teams jump out at you? BYU Cougars, Utah Utes, Ball State Cardinals, Boise State Broncos, and my hometown Tulsa Golden Hurricane. Now BYU and Utah could easily run the table besides their head to head meeting. Ball State is in the weak MAC, Western Michigan is their only threat. Boise has a severe test in Fresno State, but that's it. Tulsa is on pace to score 3,541 points and get 19,702 yards...not really, but pretty close. TU's offense is out of this world, and they should run the table with a weak SEC opponent late in the schedule against Arkansas.

Even right now, BYU, Utah, and Boise are technically BCS locks: they're ahead of the pathetic Big East leader, USF. Which I'm sure is driving those idiots insane. If BYU gets up to #3 or 4 by the Utah game, they could still lose and be on the outside of the top 12, but be ahead of whatever team rises just enough above the morass of mediocrity to claim the Big Easy (Cincinnati). Tulsa will be ranked this week if the voters have souls/consciences, and can only go higher. The odds are much less in the Hurricane's favor, because even approaching the halfway point they're still on the outside looking in. Ball State isn't much better, being #25. Neither team has a signature win gleaming on the horizon.

Which team do you think will come out unscathed?

I say BYU and Tulsa wind up making it through, with BYU winding up in the Fiesta and TU making a medium-high prestige bowl. The default C-USA championship berth is the Liberty Bowl, against a medium SEC team.

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Red River "Rivalry" preview

First off, it's been a rivalry since oh, about the time Oklahoma became a state. The proper title is Red River SHOOTOUT. Which it could be this year...

QB's: McCoy is one of the top Quarterbacks in the country, is scary accurate, and is a running threat. Guess what? Sam Bradford is also right there, less of a runner, but more of a clean passer who can progress through reads incredibly fast.

RB's: Neither team has lived up to it's potential, with Vondrell McGee second to Colt McCoy in rushing. DeMarco Murray and Chris Brown have been less than stellar between the 20's, and neither is escaping that last man to break through the second level. OU's stars combined for 25 yards rushing against the #1 rush defense in the country, TCU.

WR's: OU has much more experience, but each team is loaded and ready to fire. Manuel Johnson had 3 scores of over 50 yards against the Horned Frogs.

TE's: Jermaine Gresham is one of the best in the country in the red zone, but has had a minimal impact in the past two games. Texas is breaking in a new starter who I honestly don't know anything about.

Defense: they're both doing well so far, but the Big 12 will be the ultimate test this year. Whoever wins still has to face the #7 Red Raiders, #17 OSU Cowboys, and probably #3 Missouri in the Big 12 title game.

Special teams:OU has honestly sucked this year on kick coverage, and has a freshman kicker named Jimmy Stevens. Texas? I have no idea.

BOOMER SOONER and Beat ʇǝxɐs!

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